the art of composition

Recently worked for the Cindy Crawford Collection of Rooms To Go commercial, and thought it was a good example of the impact that composition can do to the presentation of a brand.

Taking the end page design as example, decided to change the original footage provided by the client to suit a better background platform for the campaign logo. Here is the original footage of the beach, which seems more like a golf camp with the palm trees making an awkward compressed framing and composition.

Through Autodesk Flame, I started manipulating the footage by first stabilizing the shots, then working my way from the far skies in the background to the foreground elements. I added a layer of moving clouds and reformatted the gradation of blues in the sky; added live water, erased the gasoline pump in the dock, added a sail boat moving slowly with some irregular reflections in the water, replaced the grass with a more "coastal" beach sand to reinforce the brand message, moved the palm trees around to create a more balanced open framing and finally dropped the whole horizon to have an bigger feel.

I also redesigned and animated the Cindy Crawford Home brand to make it more TV friendly. Added some light hits to give a glossy statement and some flares to accent the elegance pretended by the brand. Here is the result...


2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase

Here we are, half way through the NASCAR Chase season! This year's NASCAR Chase feature Kid Rock and his new album's songs as the image for the weekly race openings on ESPN.

These openings are very much script driven and my job consist in the creation of the atmosphere for each piece. Using the Autodesk Flame, I pass each edit through a spot color correction process separating all the different key elements of the scene. This way I have individual tonality control over each element and let me bring out what needs more visual relevance.

Some few effects are also part of these weekly jobs like replacing skies, adding lights or correcting noise in some scenes. The idea is to create a warm Americana feel proper to NASCAR that is there just framing the story and not being intrusive.




The Creative Direction work for this 2012 Home Run Derby was a great project to be part of. I had the challenge to develop a concept that will elevate the celebratory feel of this baseball event and give an identity to this part of the All Star Week.

I had the pleasure to work with Eimee Stokes from ESPN who gave me the creative freedom to execute my ideas and also provided a very clear set of directions regarding the needs for the brand. The design work went with no problems in the hands of Gary Keenan who elevated this idea to great consonant visuals.

The project had a great response from ESPN, to the point that both the production side (show graphics) and marketing side (promos) wanted to implement this look for their needs... so we did!

Thanks ESPN


Recently worked the Creative Direction on the Longhorn Network redesign for their Multi-Sport promo package. The network multi-sports covers the promotional aspects of non-traditional athletic disciplines of the school like volleyball, women's soccer and such.

Out of three concepts presented, my client choose the "rodeo poster" idea, where we travel through a series of weathered posters on a barn wall and reveal the footage within the mortises of these posters. I decided to follow the Network color guides but "age" their official orange to give this series of promos its own identity.

This project came through my good friends at ESPN and had the chance to direct and collaborate with the staff of designers at Indelible in New York.



After a great and humbling experience teaching at the mother design school, more good news came from the German institute. This past week the school calendar at the Bauhaus ended and the students of the Master in Arts in Integrated Design program named my lecture as the best of the class, based on sincerity and style.

Thank you very much to all the students and teachers that made this possible and for giving me with this amazing opportunity. A special thanks to a good friend and extraordinaire designer Alejandro Lecuna for making this a reality. Eternamente agradecido mi pana!

Vielen Dank... meine freunde!
Bis bald!