Show me you're a champion!

If you are a champion, you have to show what you've got....

I had the absolute pleasure to be part of a fantastic team of creatives that work on the campaign for the NBA Finals. ESPN approached me with the idea for the spot, they wanted to insert key moments of NBA Finals history interacting with no other than The  Roots while they were performing the theme for the Finals: "Show Me You're a Champion".

Black Thought performing "Show me you're a champion"

Black Thought performing "Show me you're a champion"

The overnight shoot was set on a basketball street court in Brooklyn. A fantastic setting with the city skyline at night as a backdrop. For the VFX I worked with Senior Editor Jonathan Wendell and the ESPN producing staff preselecting the NBA footage of the key moments they wanted on the spot. My buddy Eddie Wiseman rotoscoped these scenes and we brought these elements into the shoot to juxtapose them with the background plates for the effect. Through a process of "stitches" of plates, I was able to recreate the camera movements of the NBA shots with the plates captures on the street court. The final tracking and finishing of the scenes I did on the Flame at Reveal with a fun look that complemented the "gold" feel of the Final's Trophy.

Working with The Roots was a blast as the band was very professional and knew how to enjoy themselves through the process of multiple takes on the shoot. Big shout out to Rico Labbe who directed the shoot and was in command of the overall visuals.

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