SHOWTIME Sports new open

A couple months back, Showtime gave me the chance to compete for the design of their new Sports Open. After a few rounds of ideas and boards, I’ve got granted the job and since then I’ve been focused in directing this important piece.

My idea was founded on a micro world contained inside the SHO logo. The animation portrays massive stages with gigantic screens displaying the different properties of Showtime Sports, including Championship Boxing, Inside the NFL, Documentaries, and 60 Minutes Sports among others. The camera travels through these stages to finally pull back and reveal them as small bulbs within a series of LED lamps that form the SHO sports logo.

A beautiful aspect of the 3D work was to coordinate a team that created volumetric lights that interacted realistically with the fog elements on the scene. Creating the systems implied a lot of technical work, and part of my job consisted in directing the technical into an artistic vision, in other words, make it look good.

Had the pleasure to work with my long time friend David Klinkowize and Cesar Delarosa, who were in charge of doing all the 3D modeling and texturing, plus inserting the shots at Reveal. Another part of our 3D team was in parallel working on the volumetric lights, and the camera animation.

I personally wanted to do the finishing on the piece, so I took all the different 3D elements into the Flame for the final comp adding background lights, additional layers of colored smoke, glows, and final color grading.

I’m very happy with the final result of this open, which would be on-air right before each major Showtime Sport event for a few years. Thank you Showtime for this amazing and fun opportunity.