Shooting for the Masters

With ESPN I had the opportunity to go inside the exclusive Masters Club House in Augusta Georgia to direct a shoot for their current 2015 promotional golf campaign. The idea was to create a elegant piece showing an intimate view of what only the Masters winners can enjoy inside the club: The Masters Locker Room.

The Augusta club certainly has an aura of tradition and history engraved in names like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods but also members like President Eisenhower which had his own desk at the main room. The challenge as Director was to capture the tone of these traditions for the piece while shooting with a skeleton crew and under rigorous rules and norms from the Club... and yes, I had to go buy and wear a pair of khakis!

We shot with the new Arri Amira which gave us decent results in a compact setup. Once in post, the piece was edited by my talented friend Chris Wagner under the eye of Kevin Sullivan and Geoff Bird from ESPN. When the edit was in place I took it into the Flame for the finishing, which included all sort of detailing work such as skies replacement, cleaning all the imperfections, dents and scratches from the trophy and name plates, light flicker removals, eliminating props and reflections of rigs on the glass of the cabinets, adding light rays and flares to the window lights and creating a final color grading to reflect a warm look of aged traditions.

Check out this Before and After side by side...

The spot will be running the month of March on ESPN.