ESPN Women's Basketball Championship

My team was presented with the challenge to design and execute the campaign look for the NCAA Women's Basketball in about a week! The direction from ESPN was to create an editorial driven idea with a dramatic feel.

The client wanted a series of graphic tools to enhance the footage body of each spot without overpowering the frames and an End Card mechanism with design longevity that could be used during the entire season with few updates. The client also had the concern of the amount of information they needed to place in these end cards, where sometimes 4 games tune-in info is displayed in the same spot.

My approach was to generate a clean minimalistic look with a big negative space for the elements to have a quick reading. The idea evolved into creating a Basketball court made out of glass, this way, not having solid objects left open spaces with transparencies and an uncluttered feel.

On this project I worked with the talented Eddie Wiseman developing the conceptual boards, then with Dale Boyce and Cesar Delarosa creating the 3D space, models and camera moves in Maya, to finally take it into the Flame for the finishing; here I added a dramatic ethereal feel of blues and purple fogged lines and structured the text content.

Couldn't be more happier with the results of my team in such a tight time frame. It's a privilege to work with such a talented group with an unison mindset about creating stunning visuals and delivering on time.