Little Big Man

The time of the year where the boys of Summer becomes the heroes of the Fall!

Always amazing to work for Major League Baseball Network during this time of the year facing the Post Season. MLB wanted to bring the excitement of baseball back to the kids and found players, so under this parameter we came up with the idea to go inside the sentiments and imagination of every Major Leaguer when they were kids, practicing and playing in their Little League fields.

The transformation from the kids into Major Leaguer was defined by morphing the actors on green screen and working with their coaches to mimic as close as possible the movements of the MLB players on their game footage and make the morph more viable.

I didn't wanted to have just a morph on these scenes fearing that would be too predictable so I decided to transform the background as well from a Little League Stadium to their counterpart Major League. I worked directing a talented team of 3D artist that modeled, rigged and textured the Dodgers Stadium and the Blue Jays dugout in record time.

On the finishing side, a phase of Color Grading was crucial in making the piece consonant with the beautiful narrative stablished by writer guru Greg Jennings. While all the shots were done in mid-Summer, we needed to transfer the scenes into Fall, so changing every single sky and trees were part of the task.

Including all rotoscoping, shooting, editing, 3D modeling, texturing and animation, graphics, color correction and grading... the piece was done in the record time of two and a half weeks.