A great campaign for the ESPN College Football Championship

I had the great opportunity to work with the promotion of the recent College Football Championship in ESPN. The campaign was conceived by the agency Wieden & Kennedy consisting in a monumental wall of monitors being crushed and turned off as teams were not making it "IN" for the finals, leaving only the last two monitors/teams for the championship game.

My job was to collaborate with the design of the topical promos for this property. Along with the direction of Mike Dominguez from ESPN and the great compositing hand of David Klinkowize at Reveal, we came up with a strategy based on a series of open angles on the clean monitors of the crushed wall to establish the content of the body and a wide tracking shot for the design of the end card.

Here is a sample of the Shooting Boards I made as a reference for the director to provide the angles we needed for our story.  

On the compositing side I had the chance to design the end card of the promo, cleaning the background plates and tracking the tune in information into the scene using the Flame. The look of the final wall needed to be adjusted from the 4 clean monitors of the semi-finals to 2 unbroken monitors and lots of masking and color layers were needed to manipulate the scene.