"PRIMAL" solo art exhibit

Eight Of Swords Gallery
115 Grand Street. Brooklyn, NY

Please join us for the opening night of "Primal", our next art show featuring works by local artist, Miguel Oldenburg. The exhibition will open on January 11th and continue through February 14th, 2013. The event will be sponsored by Coney Island Lager.

"Primal" refers to the essentials, the basics, the early stages in evolutionary development. This exhibit proposes a juxtaposition of basic raw human sentiments. Under the optic of the artist, primal feelings are the core fundamentals in the way we relate to others. This series of oil paintings is a contemplation of concepts such as relationships, lust, love, protection, pride and fear. They are presented as animal instincts and humanized or focused over minimalistic backgrounds, raw and basic. Each of these concepts are complemented by emotional panels painted with direct body contact and related iconography.