the art of composition

Recently worked for the Cindy Crawford Collection of Rooms To Go commercial, and thought it was a good example of the impact that composition can do to the presentation of a brand.

Taking the end page design as example, decided to change the original footage provided by the client to suit a better background platform for the campaign logo. Here is the original footage of the beach, which seems more like a golf camp with the palm trees making an awkward compressed framing and composition.

Through Autodesk Flame, I started manipulating the footage by first stabilizing the shots, then working my way from the far skies in the background to the foreground elements. I added a layer of moving clouds and reformatted the gradation of blues in the sky; added live water, erased the gasoline pump in the dock, added a sail boat moving slowly with some irregular reflections in the water, replaced the grass with a more "coastal" beach sand to reinforce the brand message, moved the palm trees around to create a more balanced open framing and finally dropped the whole horizon to have an bigger feel.

I also redesigned and animated the Cindy Crawford Home brand to make it more TV friendly. Added some light hits to give a glossy statement and some flares to accent the elegance pretended by the brand. Here is the result...