Miguel Oldenburg


Miguel Oldenburg is an international, multidisciplinary, visual artist based in New York City.  He recently won is fourth EMMY award in May of 2019.

Miguel has been a highly sought after creative for Directing, Visual Effects Supervising, and Design.  Some of his close collaborators and clients include  ESPN, HBO, Showtime, Major League Baseball Network, NBC, CBS, ABC, NFL, NBA, Madison Square Garden Network, Disney Channel, and many advertising agencies.

As mentioned above, his work has been recognized by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences as a four-time winner of the prestigious EMMY award, with 16 nominations in total. In addition to being recognized with several BDA, and Telly awards, he is also a two-time winner of the Grand Award of the New York Festivals.

When not directing or creating visual magic, Miguel’s natural talent expands well beyond television.   He is an accomplished musician, oil painter, and long distance motorcycle rider.

He was a former Warner Brothers recording and touring artist with the popular Venezuelan band King Chango.  He continues to play guitar and sing in local bands.  His provocative paintings have been featured in galleries in New York City.  Miguel is also a passionate motorcycle enthusiast, known for his long distance rides throughout numerous countries around the world. He is the founder and president of Motorwolf, Inc. an international motorcycle lifestyle and apparel company. 

Miguel’s diverse creative background gives him a unique perspective to bring to each project.   If you would like to collaborate, please fill out the contact page.  We can provide quotes for Creative Direction, Visual Supervising, Custom Graphic Design packages, or commissioned paintings and illustrations. 

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